Mortgage Leads
You can originate more mortgage loans with the aid of our propensity models, prescreening tools, and mortgage inquiry trigger solutions.

Focus on generating mortgage leads utilizing solutions that are smart, customer-specific, and credit-based to make the most of your resources.

You want to take advantage of as many mortgage loan leads and mortgage refinances leads as you can as a lender. You should be able to recognize, target, and interact with customers who may be considering a new mortgage loan soon or who are already doing so. It’s especially important to do this in the early stages of the decision cycle.

TransUnion’s acquisition tools assist you in determining which mortgage leads are qualified based on your credit criteria so you can avoid wasting time on people who won’t be approved or who don’t live in your area. Advanced analytics can tell which of those mortgage prospects are likely to shop for a mortgage soon, or, more importantly, which consumers are actively looking for a mortgage right now. You may develop a focused prescreen audience of the most desirable mortgage leads—eligible people who have the best chance of signing a mortgage with you—using these insights produced by TransUnion solutions.

Solutions for Mortgage Triggers

Mortgage-related acquisition triggers include: You may keep tabs on a certain population of customers with our mortgage inquiry triggers solution, and you’ll get automated daily alerts when someone has a new mortgage inquiry and meets your credit quality requirements. Reaching out to these mortgage loan leads at the precise moment that they are ready to take action and shop can mean the difference between converting and losing a mortgage prospect.

Mortgage inquiry triggers for retention: You can use mortgage inquiry triggers to help you track down current borrowers who are looking for a mortgage with a rival. You may be able to intervene to keep or reclaim an important customer if you have the chance to get in touch with these mortgage leads when they are looking for a new loan.

leads for mortgages are prescreened

High-quality mortgage leads can be found from lists of prescreened people who fulfill your credit eligibility requirements and live in your area. You have the ability to identify the ideal leads and prospects before the competition does thanks to TransUnion credit data and propensity models.

You can enhance marketing efforts with consumer-level precision with TransUnion prescreen products. TransUnion enables lenders to target specialized audiences, such as first-time home buyers/renters, current homeowners who might benefit from a rate and term or cash-out refinance, or individuals who may be in the market for a home equity loan, in place of wide, generic targeting like ZIP-code level. Lenders can promote pertinent offerings to particular consumers by identifying those audiences. By being more precise in your marketing strategies, you may increase conversion rates while using less time and money on leads of low quality.

leads for low-to-moderate (LMI) mortgages

Serving clients and communities with low-to-moderate incomes (LMI) is a priority for stakeholders in the mortgage sector. Roughly 120 million consumers, or fifty percent (50%) of the US population on file, are classified as low-to-moderate income (LMI). 1 Lender can discover consumers who are credit-qualified and likely to be eligible for purchase and refinancing LMI loan programs by using TransUnion’s low-to-moderate income (LMI) prescreen solution.

Home equity and mortgage refinancing leads

Mortgage and home equity lenders work to deliver pertinent, individualized offers in the current market by better understanding asset risk. To maximize the return on investment (ROI) from mortgage and home equity prescreen marketing initiatives, TransUnion’s Customer Property Insights offer a comprehensive perspective of a consumer concerning their credit and property data, including the combined loan to value (CLTV).

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