Infoexplorare Offering Valuable B2B Service to Increase and Ensure Email Deliverability

Infoexplorare now offers valuable B2B services to increase and ensure email deliverability. Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing for businesses, affiliates, and individual entrepreneurs. Emails are sent to educate prospective customers about new product launches, discounts & offers and to keep the audience engaged with the brand. And it is essential to have a database of real emails of real customers. Email validation or verification is one of the most effective ways to ensure email deliverability. When the email addresses are verified, email marketing can be improved, prevent fraud and improve the senders’ credibility and reputation.

Infoexplorare assures 95% guaranteed deliverability. The company has a proven track record of having verified over 1 billion emails so far and prevented more than 8 million bounces. As part of the email verification services, businesses and individuals can ensure that their e-mails do not set off any spam securities. The service also enhances the campaign’s efficiency, improves segmentation decisions, and retains highly informative metrics relevant to the campaign. It is as simple as uploading the email list onto the Verify Emails dashboard. The list can be imported directly from the CRM via CSV. The system works on a real-time email validation algorithm which is designed using an in-house AI.

The other attractive feature of the platform is that businesses and entrepreneurs can verify email addresses without sending an email. The best email verification tool works with every CRM out there and certain advertising tools. It is as easy as connecting, importing, and validating. The existing email list can be imported from CRM after which the undeliverable email addresses are immediately eliminated thereby completing the verification procedure. The email deliverability report provides detailed information on the percentage of invalid emails, emails that are deliverable, and emails that fall under the Accept all category. The geographical location of the emails is also provided followed by a graphical representation of the average bounce rate, average page views, emails cleaned, and the average time is taken to clean. offers 50 free verifications and any additional verifications or bulk verifications have to be purchased. The prices start from $0 for 50 verifications up to $199 for 3,000,000 verifications. The most popular packages are the $100 for 3,000,000 verifications. Using an email verifier tool such as this is very helpful as this process ensures that the email accounts that are in the list are valid. Having inactive emails, fraud emails or non-existent emails in the email list will hamper the campaign and will also lead to indirect losses.

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About Infoexplorare
Infoexplorare is a US-based company offering email verification services for businesses. The platform ensures that the emails are sent to genuine email IDs and also helps separate low-quality addresses from high-value contacts.


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