Leadscampus to take on Salesfully, Salesgenie in 2018 with voice recognition features

Leadscampus to take on Salesfully, Salesgenie in 2018 with voice recognition features

Leadscampus has always been at the forefront of offering customers with newer and newer features when it comes to lead management. Leadscampus not only offers some of the most targeted leads to its customers but also makes it easier for them to go through the leads database to find the type of leads which they are looking for.

Leadscampus is continuing with its trend of launching user-friendly features. In the 2nd half of 2018, Leadscampus will be launching a voice recognition feature. With the help of this voice recognition feature, the users will be able to control the leads database through voice commands. This will ensure that the customers are able to easily control the database through various devices just by using the voice commands. The voice commands are pretty simple to understand and follow. All the voice commands which can be used in the interface will be updated on the official website of the company. This will mean that the users are able to easily get a list of the voice commands which they can use in order to conduct various operations pertaining to the leads database.

The Leadscampus interface will be much easier to manage after the launch of this feature. It will outdo Salesfully, Salesgenie who operate in the same industry. The voice recognition features coupled with quality lead databases like USA Consumer LeadsWebsite Design Leads from FloridaMerchant Account Leads from NC etc. provide Leadscampus an advantage over other similar businesses.

Leadscampus will provide proper scalability solutions to its customers with the help of these voice recognition features. Irrespective of the size of the leads database, the users will be able to manage it through voice commands quite easily. This will mean that managing the leads database becomes much easier.

Leadscampus is aiming to become a one-stop solution for its customers in order to not just procure the leads but also manage them. With the help of a single dashboard, the customers will be able to easily manage their email marketing operations.

Leadscampus is also planning to add more features to the dashboard in the future which will make it, even more, easier for the customers to manage their database. One thing which is for sure is that with high-quality leads combined with easy to use dashboard, it will be able to take on the likes of Salesfully, Salesgenie quite easily and provide a superior service to their customers.


Source – https://www.issuewire.com/leadscampus-to-take-on-salesfully-salesgenie-in-2018-with-voice-recognition-features-1610130037932029

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