Leadscampus Reseller Program success story # 1: Kasey

Leadscampus Reseller Program success story # 1: Kasey

Leadscampus Reseller Program success story # 1: Kasey
$5,000/ month revenue from his Leadscampus reselling business in less than 3 months

Kasey, was an entrepreneur, working on his own startup ideas and was constantly finding for new opportunities to make some passive income. He was trying to earn around $500- $1,000 per month but his success surpassed his wildest dreams in just 3 months. At very first, he got some troubles as he thought he might need his own website to start reselling with Leadscampus. But Leadscampus White Label Resellers Program, helped him to succeed in just $100 (one time) investment and grow his reselling business to $5 k per month:

What was the Key secret to Kasey’s Success?
The trick to Kasey’s success based on his business strategy, he kept focus on below points:

  • A better SEO with Email Marketing
  • Kept a minimum profit of $10.00
  • Kept a return on investment of 20%
  • Realistic pricing plans
  • Honesty and regular communications with Leadscampus Support Team

The essence of this methodology is to make a fast and unfaltering income stream utilizing proper pricing plans with a medium net revenue however high volume. A proper SEO with Social Media Marketing strategy also makes it easier to appear in Google searches globally.

#1: Make connections and build relationships
It is very important to build new connections and relationships to sell any product or services online. You need to be active in social media as well as focusing on email marketing will give you a boost in gaining new customers.

#2: Getting more reviews from your existing clients
You have to check with your clients on a regular basis. You need to check:

  • If they are getting any troubles to access leads from the leads portal.
  • If they want an upgrade to their account.
  • What they think about the leads quality.
  • If they have any suggestions to make the portal more suitable.
  • And most importantly try to collect their reviews and post those on several review websites and your own testimonial page as well.

Some of Kasey’s tips are:

  • Honesty is the Key – Be honest. You have to be honest to your customers as well as with Leadscampus support team. You can ask for any help 24X7 and you will get support instantly. Try to add a chat support system in your front-end website and tell your salespeople to be honest with your customers/visitors always.
  • Track every Subscribers and Unsubscribers – You have to track not only your subscribers but unsubscribers too. Check with them why they are unsubscribing and if there is anything you can do to stop them from unsubscribing. Try to provide them some discounts as well.
  • Release some seasonal offers – It’s always best to use some seasonal offers and let your customers know about them by email marketing as well as via social media posts.

“At the start, it might seem next to impossible but once you got your first few customers, it will become an easy breeze”, says Kasey.

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