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The internet is the means which keeps everyone connected with the digital world. These days people use the world wide web for almost everything like shopping, communication, monetary transactions and even dating. Naturally, marketers want to target this large section of people comprising of prospective customers for business leads. This interaction between marketers and net users form the basis of the ecosystem created by online shopping. Rather than be restricted by the familiar faces who come to shop at your physical store, you can now reach out to an audience that till now you have only dreamt about thanks to the internet. You need to target this audience with the right marketing channel. The right way at the right time does it. And for that to happen, email marketing, one of the oldest weapons in an internet marketer’s toolset is still your best bet.

How Local Businesses Stand to Benefit from Email Marketing

Local businesses can gain a lot from email marketing. Some of the ways are:

● Establishing credibility
In order to effectively pursue a marketing campaign of any sort, you first have to build credibility in the minds of the audience. This is easily achieved through email marketing. With the help of this tool, you are able to build trust with the people you want to by providing them with helpful and relevant information.

● Create visibility
With email marketing, you can reach out to a worldwide audience. The beauty of the whole thing is that to establish your brand and create visibility all you have to do is just get their email id.

● Affordable
Sending an email to over 1000 customers should cost you less than ten dollars. Then add to this fact that you can get an ROI of no lesser than $34 for every single dollar you spend on an email marketing campaign. Does it not sound way more attractive than things like advertising?

● Give a boost to traffic
The successful email campaigns not only get people to open the email message and read it but also to click on the relevant link leading to a landing page or to the storefront.

● Room for personalization
You can track the ways through a person’s customer journey by the personalization of the email. This will lead to a more meaningful and fruitful email campaign for you.

● Get repeated orders
You can potentially get repeated orders by virtue of email marketing by simply sending the mailing list about your new offers. This is a great way to stay connected with patrons and facilitate repeated purchases.

How to leverage this great digital marketing tool

You can exploit the huge potential of email marketing by following these steps:

● Getting the services of an Email Service Platform also abbreviated simply as an ESP
Popular emailing solutions like Hotmail, Gmail or Outlook have in place strict restrictions on mass mailings to counter spams. This is why you need to pay up for the services provided by professional ESPs in order to send bulk emails. You have a number of options that you can pick from according to the marketing budget you have in mind. Keep in mind that is you need to send only about 2000 or a lesser number of emails then you will need only a zero to a nominal fee. Popular options among EPSs are MailChimp, MadMimi, MailerLite, and ReachMail.

● Email template
When you sign up for an ESP you typically get access to a library of templates that you can suitably modify according to your branding needs and eventually send it to the people you want. There are a wide variety of email templates that you can choose from. However, keeping in mind user experience it is usually a good idea to get a custom email template designed.

● Tools to build up your list
There is little use of the ability to send emails in the absence of emails ids of people you want to send it to. In order to build up your list the legitimate and right way, you need to use a tool that lets you build your email list like AddThis, Optinmonster and LeadIn. Tools like these lets prospects share their email ids.

● Tools that let you manage lists
Tools like these let you store as well as manage the emails ids that you have accumulated through your online and offline sources. If you decide to invest in a CRM or customer relationship management software then you get features that are not provided by the standard ESP provided list management tools like reporting, tracking the customer journey analytics and the like.

How to do email marketing

Follow the following tips for an optimum email marketing campaign:

● Have concrete expectations
Make sure you are particular about what you want out of the email marketing campaign. Do you want to focus on providing information to your customer or to convert them into one or both? Doing this will involve setting out the KPIs that are relevant to your needs. This will guide the kind of relationship you eventually have with your clients or customers.

● Have both offline sources for your email list in addition to online sources
If you already have some amount of existing customers then it will be relatively easy for you to build a mailing list of consumer leads as you can ask them to furnish their email ids. You can do this by virtue of the following means:
● Using rewards or loyalty programs
● Promotions through coupons or deals
● Sweepstakes and contests
● News and updates about your company
● Information about your service or product
● Free content
● Exclusive access to new products

The types of emails you should send out
People like getting value so you should strive to ensure that people feel that they are getting quite a good deal when they give out their email ids. That being done, you need to ascertain about the type of email you want to send out. A popular practice is a quarterly email with news and updates about the relevant industry. Also ensure that your emails can be easily shared on socially for social media leads. Other than the newsletter it is also a good idea to send:

● Promotional emails informing your customers about special events or limited stock promotions
● Emails that refer to the transactions they have done with you order receipts. This includes post-purchase emails like cross-sell and upsell emails, reminders are reordering products etc.
● Emails that promote brand loyalty by showing that they are valuable to you
● Seasonal emails and those for the holidays. This is quite common during festive and holiday seasons.
Make separate mailing lists according to preferences and send the mail
All customers are going to be different from each other. Therefore, there is a need for you to understand what their preferences are and the kind of products they might be interested in. Then you need to segment the email list that you have created accordingly. This will result in a greater chance of your email actually working!

Analyze previous results

You are in no way finished yet. You need to constantly analyze the results of your email campaigns. You need to ensure that they align with the KPIs that you had set earlier. This will ensure greater success in your future email campaigns!

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