The Pros and Cons of the Decision to Buy Sales Leads

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If you are in two minds about whether to buy business leads, then today’s post which enlightens the pros and cons of this particular method of b2c and b2b lead generation. It just might so happen that your sales funnel and other methods employed by you to generate b2c and b2b leads might not be as fruitful as you would like them to be. Under such tricky circumstances buying sales leads provides your business with the breathing room it needs.



  • The leads are usually of high-quality

The minute detail to which lead information is captured in the databases of all good companies that sell leads results you getting a high-quality lead. This detailed information helps you identify potential customers that match your criteria the closest and thus make it more probable that they become prospects and eventually clients. The company providing you with the lead can also help you in ascertaining what type of lead you need.

  • They are affordable

Though indeed the price of leads depends on the industry you are in, but the ROI is so good that they usually makeup for an irresistible offer. You might think that it is unwise to spend money on something that you will get in the course of running your business. But, think hard about it. Are they really free? Is there no money involved in getting leads in-house? The answer is yes, and the cost is usually higher than simply buying qualified leads.

  • Better Conversion Ratio

It is far easier to close sells with qualified and targeted leads than simply trying to ascertain who might actually want to be your customer and then making a cold-call or two. Buying leads ensure that your cold calls become rather warm. As you know that the people you are talking to actually want to buy your product or avail off your services the ROI or return on investment is made significantly better.

  • Saves you time

It is understandably much more preferable to call up and approach people who are actually looking for a product or service of your kind than call up people about whom they have no clue of only to never closing the actual deal. Instead, you are better off by talking to fewer and more interested parties which will also let you offer better customer service considering the limited resources.

Buying leads are a good option, undoubtedly, but it also comes at a cost like the disadvantages mentioned below:

  • You do not get any perfect lead

Yes, you get qualified leads but just that, there is no guarantee of closing the deal. In fact, usually only 1 or 2 out of 10 leads that you buy actually end up as customers.

  • Source remains dark

The source of the contact information you get usually remains enshrouded in mystery and the methodology of procuring the same even more so.

  • Information may be outdated

You really don’t know when the lead was sourced. If it was even a wee bit long chances are it is of no use.

  • There is no personal connection with the lead

Remember that even the high quality leads you buy have no personal connection with you. Typically, executives are looking to hire business they are personally aware of.

  • Leads may be shared

Low cost of leads that you buy might signal that they have been sold to multiple customers which lower your chances of closing the deal considerably.

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